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09/01/2020 On the Feasibility of Data-centric Modeling of Gainesville Businesses Research Report
02/11/2019 Florida Price Level Index 2018 Research Report
01/12/2018 Understanding Racial Inequity in Alachua County Research Report
01/12/2018 Understanding Racial Inequity in Alachua County Research Report
01/12/2018 Understanding Racial Inequity in Alachua County Research Report
01/10/2018 Florida Price Level Index 2017 Research Report
11/01/2017 Florida Water Use and Conservation Website Article
10/13/2017 Florida’s Declining SAT Scores Website Article
06/14/2017 Potential Drivers of the Florida Crime Decline Website Article
05/23/2017 A 10-year Overview on Florida’s Real Wages Website Article
04/10/2017 Do Unemployment and High School Dropout Affect Crime in Florida? Website Article
03/02/2017 The Legalization of Medical Marijuana and its Effect on Florida’s Economy Website Article
01/23/2017 Florida Price Level Index 2016 Research Report
12/01/2016 Brazil’s Economy and its Effect on Florida Website Article
09/15/2016 Florida’s Changing Business Model Website Article
08/17/2016 Why Do People Commute to Other Counties to Work? Website Article
06/24/2016 Florida Greatly Affected by Changes in Overtime Rule Website Article
06/08/2016 Polk County Healthcare Study: An Economic Analysis of Polk County’s Indigent Health Care Tax and Safety Net Program Research Report
02/10/2016 Trends in Florida Labor Force Participation Website Article
12/30/2015 Florida Price Level Index 2015 Research Report
12/17/2015 Impact of Holiday Shopping on Florida’s Economy Website Article
11/17/2015 The Factors Affecting Florida Teachers' Salaries Website Article
10/28/2015 Poverty and Income in Florida Website Article
10/07/2015 College Tuition: Florida's Public Universities Compared to the Rest of the Nation Website Article
09/20/2015 Quantifying the Economic Impact of the Florida Museum of Natural History on Alachua County and Florida Research Report
09/14/2015 Interactions between Gender and the Consumer Sentiment Index (CSI) since the Great Recession Website Article
06/06/2015 Senior Citizens — Their Place in Florida’s Past, Present, and Future Website Article
05/26/2015 The Role of Monetary Policy In Real Estate Website Article
12/11/2014 Could Florida Charge its Economy with Energy Jobs? Website Article
10/01/2014 Florida’s GSP Beats the U.S. Average, but Focus Remains on Low-Skill Industries Website Article
04/04/2014 Will Florida Become the New Mississippi? Website Article
04/04/2014 The Florida Retirement System: A Poster Child for State Government Budgeting Website Article
03/06/2014 Retirees and Florida’s Job Structure Other Research
03/04/2014 Florida Price Level Index 2014 Research Report
02/20/2014 Tougher Choices: Shaping Florida's Future Research Report
02/12/2014 Analysis: Fiscal Impacts of Florida Not Participating in Medicaid Expansion Website Article
01/31/2014 Florida Price Level Index 2013 Other Research
12/20/2013 Florida Sales Tax Policy and Internet Sales Website Article
11/25/2013 Plum Creek, UF, and Economic Growth in the Gainesville Region Research Report
11/04/2013 Florida and the World: The State of Business Opportunities Worldwide Website Article
09/08/2013 The Net Impact of Retirees on Florida's State and Local Budgets Research Report
06/14/2013 Labor Market Polarization in Florida Website Article
04/24/2013 Did a Dangerous Business Climate Strike the Sunshine State’s Economy? Website Article
04/08/2013 The Florida Retirement System: Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution? Website Article
02/25/2013 University of Florida Is the Number 9 Public University Website Article
02/06/2013 Florida Price Level Index 2012 Other Research
12/17/2012 Charitable Donations and the Fiscal Cliff Website Article
12/04/2012 Foreclosure Stock Affecting All Homes Website Article
10/19/2012 Florida's Unemployment Rate and the Seasonal Adjustment Process Website Article
09/27/2012 Florida’s Long Term Economic Trajectory Emerging from the Great Recession Website Article
04/19/2012 The Structure of Florida’s Economy and Educational Attainment Website Article
04/17/2012 Trends in Florida’s Job Structure 2001 to 2008 Website Article
04/03/2012 Baby Boom Retirees - 2012 Florida Regional Economic Symposium Other Research
04/03/2012 Low, Declining, Polarizing - 2012 Florida Regional Economic Symposium Other Research
03/26/2012 Innovation and Stem Education Website Article
03/26/2012 Intermodalism, Panama Canal Expansion, and Florida’s Ports Website Article
01/12/2012 Florida Price Level Index 2011 Other Research
05/24/2011 Florida and Orlando: Choosing the Future after the Recession Florida Focus
03/15/2011 Analysis of a Florida Beverage Container Deposit Refund System Other Research
02/24/2011 Jacksonville: Choosing a Future Florida Focus
02/24/2011 Jacksonville: Choosing a Future — detailed version Articles
01/24/2011 Florida Price Level Index 2010 Other Research
07/21/2010 Annual IRS In- and Out-Migration Data for MSAs, 1985-86 to 2007-08 Other Research
07/21/2010 Annual IRS In- and Out-Migration Data for MSAs, 1985-86 to 2007-08 Other Research
01/26/2010 Florida Price Level Index 2009 Other Research
05/01/2009 Increasing Florida’s Sales Tax Revenue from Internet Purchases Florida Focus
02/03/2009 Florida Price Level Index 2008 Other Research
11/01/2008 Consumers' Attitude toward Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency: The Role of Electric Rates Florida Focus
06/11/2008 Florida County Retail Price and Wage Indices 2007 Other Research
03/01/2008 Occupation Centrality Other Research
03/01/2008 Consumer Protection in the Digital Age Florida Focus
03/01/2008 Inter-city Compensating Wage Differentials and Intra-city Workplace Centralization Other Research
02/21/2008 Florida County Retail Price and Wage Indices 2006 Other Research
01/01/2008 Economic Implications of Florida’s Proposed Property Tax Amendment Florida Focus
11/30/2007 Florida Price Level Index 2007 Other Research
08/17/2007 Analytical Services Relating to Property Taxation – PART 2: Revenue Component Other Research
06/01/2007 Soaring House Prices and Wages of Local Government Employees Florida Focus
03/01/2007 An Inter-urban Wage Test of the Monocentric Model Other Research
02/22/2007 Florida Price Level Index 2006 Other Research
02/01/2007 Economic Aspects of Potential Legal Challenges to Save Our Homes Portability Proposals Florida Focus
02/01/2007 The Florida Housing Boom Florida Focus
11/22/2006 Florida County Retail Price and Wage Indices 2005 Other Research
02/02/2006 Florida Price Level Index 2005 Other Research
10/01/2005 Tough choices: Shaping Florida's Future Books And Chapters
06/01/2005 Doing Business in Florida: Florida Statistical Data Resources Other Research
03/18/2005 Florida County Retail Price and Wage Indices 2004 Other Research
03/18/2005 Florida Price Level Index 2004 Other Research
03/01/2004 Research on the Florida Education Finance Program-The FPLI, the Sparsity Supplement, and Discretionary Millage Other Research
01/01/2004 Florida Price Level Index 2003 Other Research
11/14/2003 A Micro-location Model of Public Investment in Pedestrian Safety Capital Other Research
10/17/2003 Florida's Non-Emergency Medicaid Transportation Waiver Other Research
10/07/2003 Transportation Issues: Pedestrian Safety Other Research
07/01/2003 Transportation Issues: Intermodal Transportation Other Research
01/11/2003 Time-series Estimates of Pension Benefits by State 1967-2000 Other Research
01/01/2003 Florida Price Level Index 2002 Other Research
09/30/2002 The Response of Railroad and Truck Freight Shipments to Optimal Excess Capacity Subsidies and Externality Taxes Other Research
08/01/2002 Florida Long-Term Economic Forecast - 2002 (Discontinued) Books And Chapters
08/01/2002 Florida Long-Term Economic Forecast - 2002 (Discontinued) Books And Chapters
03/29/2002 Transportation Issues: Insights for Florida's History Other Research
03/28/2002 Reports on Trends and Conditions Research: The Impact of the Internet on Transportation in Florida Other Research